Noah McDonough is a visual artist, graffiti writer and graphic designer based in New York City. Born and raised in Manhattan, McDonough grew up immersed in the art world surrounding him. His talents were apparent at an early age, being heavily influenced by his classically trained mother, and perfecting his graffiti style by actively painting alongside the AOK and TFP crews. 

In the 1990s he expanded his artistic focus by creating logos and designs for the music industry, including top acts like Sum 41, Ludacris, The Diplomats, and Willie Nelson. His clientele includes brands like Ralph Lauren, Burton Snowboards, Stussy, and The Hard Rock Cafe to name a few.

Since 2015, McDonough has devoted himself greatly to his personal artwork, exhibiting in solo shows in New York, Vancouver and most recently Toronto. Known for his unique style and clean execution, McDonough's artwork is influenced by his years spent as a graffiti artist, using lettering techniques embellished with his meticulous use of stippling. More recently, he has begun to shift away from lettering, and focusing the subject matter on nature scenes taken from his summers spent in New Brunswick, Canada. 

20151012_180440_ME Lake.jpg